Find the ultimate holiday gift guide for chefs and people who like to cook, and get them something they’ll look forward to using in the kitchen for years to come! 

Holiday gift guide for cooks.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People Who Like to Cook

Looking for gifts for chefs or maybe just gifts for people who like to cook? We’ve got you covered with a complete list of our favorite kitchen tools and appliances! 

Whether you’re looking for something small or want to go all out with an extravagant item, these gift ideas are sure to be a hit so you can give your loved ones something they actually want this holiday season. Made with high-quality materials, they last for years and are sure to be used again and again! 

Holiday Gift Guide Kitchen Items


5 Quart Cast Iron Cocotte – Made with a slim profile, this cocotte holds up to five quarts, meaning you can cook food and take up less space! Plus, its sleek design and unique features mean it looks fabulous in any kitchen, requires no seasoning, and is easy to clean. It’s our go-to tool for making soups, stews, and layered desserts. 

10-Inch Fry Pan – We use this pan every single day. Available in a variety of colors, there’s something for every kitchen! Oven-safe and made with tall sides, it’s a dream for high-heat cooking and works fabulously for all your favorite recipes. In addition, the side pour spouts and dishwasher-safe features make it super easy to clean! 

4 Piece Mixed Baking Dish Set – From casseroles to side dishes and even desserts, these baking dishes can do it all. Our all-time favorite set, they’re a staple in a kitchen and withstand the test of time. Oven, freezer, and dishwasher-safe, they make it easy to prepare restaurant-quality food at home. 

10-Inch Round Double Handle Pure Grill – Bring the grill indoors with this stovetop grill pan! With enameled cast iron perfect for browning and ridges to drain fat, it allows you to easily replicate the taste and texture of all your favorite grilled recipes so you can “grill” all year round! 

10 Piece Pots and Pans Set – If you really want to treat someone, this is what to get! Made in Italy, this cookware set is not only gorgeous but also has everything a chef would need to create their favorite recipes. High-quality and dishwasher safe, they will be cherished for years and years.

11-Inch Traditional Deep Skillet – No more fighting to fit a meal for the whole family in a single skillet! Sear chicken breast, caramelize veggies, and stir-fry all your favorite foods in portions large enough for a crowd with this skillet.

Kitchen Tools

2 Long Slot Toaster – Stop hovering around the counter waiting for the whole family’s toast to cook in batches! This toaster can fit up to four pieces of bread at once and toasts them perfectly every single time. It can even defrost and reheat and has a bagel setting, too! 

Fondue Set – Treat yourself to a romantic date night and have fun dipping chocolate with the kids. Or, impress your guests when you serve melted cheese dip as an appetizer all thanks to this at-home fondue set! With a built-in splash protector and handle helper, it makes fondue night easy and so much fun! 

V-Edge Sharpener – There’s nothing worse than a dull knife! But, who has the time to get them sharpened outside of their home?! Luckily, this tool provides professional grade sharpening in minutes. Just run a dull blade a few times, and it’s as good as new!

7-Inch Chef’s Slim Knife – We can’t have a holiday gift guide for chefs without a good knife! Lightweight and slim, this is our most beloved tool for completing all the most basic kitchen tasks from chopping to dicing and mincing like a pro. 


2-Piece White Wine Glass Set – There’s no use crying over broken glass. Luckily, you won’t have to with this drink set! Extremely durable, its double wall feature keeps all your beverages perfectly cold and helps you serve in style. 

2-Piece Coffee Glass Set – Our all-time favorite glasses, this set features handblown cups that look fabulous. In addition, they feature a double-wall design, meaning they keep all your beverages at the perfect temperature. AND they’re microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe!

A Final Word on Our Holiday Gift Guide

All the items listed above are tools we use in our own kitchen to make all our favorite recipes from baked mac and cheese to beef stew, and even tiramisu. They’re perfect for seasoned pros and complete beginners alike. No matter which holiday gift items you choose, they’re sure to bring happiness and delight! You may even want to go ahead and treat yourself, too.

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