Hi! We are Alia & Radwa.

We’re so happy you are here. Allow us to introduce ourselves as a dynamic duo of sisters, overflowing with joy to share quick and effortless recipes. Our heartfelt philosophy revolves around a single focus: crafting uncomplicated and mouthwatering meals that empower you to prepare nourishing and irresistibly delicious dishes. We wholeheartedly understand the demands of busy everyday life and aspire to ignite your culinary creativity, inspiring you to effortlessly create incredible meals in no time at all.

But that’s not all! We also have a treasure trove of the best lifestyle and home tips to enhance your everyday living. From organization hacks to decor ideas, we’re here to provide you with inspiration and guidance to create a truly extraordinary lifestyle. So, get ready to embark on a delightful journey with us as we share our favorite recipes and invaluable tips for a fulfilling and beautiful life. Let’s dive in and make every day remarkable together!


Alia and Radwa

Egyptian Influence

Years ago, when our parents moved from Egypt, our mother brought to Minnesota her traditional Middle Eastern recipes and her love for spending hours in our cozy kitchen cooking classic dishes. We grew up devouring her killer kofta and swoon-worthy konafa, but in our younger years we were far less passionate about preparing delicious dishes than we were about consuming them.

Now, after more than a few years (and after having a few little ones of our own, too), we have taken to the kitchen with a passion for crafting crave-worthy recipes with a catch — they absolutely have to be quick and easy, too.

We created Food Dolls with an eye on sharing time-saving recipes that are simultaneously approachable yet absolutely mouthwatering so that home cooks can create elegant and irresistible dishes that don’t take a ton of time. Like you, we’d rather be making fun messes with our littles, watching sunsets with our spouses, or shopping for shoes, rather than spending endless hours in the kitchen.

Our number one goal is simple: To inspire others into creating something amazing that takes little effort. While we love to make Middle Eastern classics and riff on traditional Egyptian dishes, we also offer up a wide variety of recipes inspired from various regions around the globe that range from dreamy dips, savory soups that will warm you from the inside out, and vibrant, flavorful salads to a wide array of sumptuous sides and hearty mains that bring diverse flavor profiles to the table.

And we’ll never forget about decadent desserts, either — if there’s one thing that this inseparable sister team will never disagree on, it’s how much we love cookies. And maybe just decadent desserts in general!

You can trust us to tell you our secrets from the kitchen (like our crazy-easy tip for creating the crunchiest, most melty grilled cheese) and beyond. Pssst… we have a cookbook in the works!

Taste the Style

We’re here to bring your dreams of easy meals to life, all through our own rigorously tested original recipes, photography, and videos on our site as well as on Facebook and Instagram. You might even see us pop up in other places — we’ve been featured on sites that range from BuzzFeed, Bustle, and Better Homes & Gardens to The Doctors and Cosmopolitan.

We also hope to inspire you to love the space in which you create those meals. We adore all things home decor and have tons of tips for organizing and designing in a way that’s both stylish and functional.

Inspiring you!

While we may not spend the same amount of time that our amazing mother did in the kitchen, we’re hoping to still bring that same creativity and flavor that’s full of the type of passion that she has infused into every meal, and that inspired us to share our journey with you. 

Instead of using stiff standards of measurements, our mother always taught to us to use “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” — feel free to do the same. But always with a whole lot of love.

Our Favorite Recipes

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