Hey there, fellow caffeine and tea junkies! We’re about to spill the beans (pun intended) on how to kick your coffee and tea storage up a notch.

inside of drawer with storage holding tea, coffee, and snacks.

So, grab your cup of joe or your matcha latte, and let’s dive into the fabulous work of Salt by Sabrina, who styled our amazing drawer storage that makes organizing those bags and beans a breeze. (Use code fooddolls at Salt by Sabrina for 10% off your order!)

open drawer with tea, coffee, biscotti, and cookies.

Getting Sassy with Drawer Storage

Who said storage had to be boring? Salt by Sabrina knows that even the most mundane things can be sexy, like coffee and tea storage in a drawer! It’s like a secret stash for your favorite brews, and it’s about to get even hotter.

Perk Up Your Coffee Game with Pod Storage

If you’re all about those convenient coffee pods, Salt by Sabrina’s Coffee Pod Drawer is the stuff of dreams. No more cluttered countertops – just sleek, organized pods ready to brew. It’s like having your very own coffee bar right at your fingertips.

Beans, Baby!

Are you a coffee purist who grinds their beans fresh? The Coffee Bean Keeper by Salt by Sabrina has got your back. It’s an airtight haven for your precious beans, keeping them safe from moisture and light. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes – who knew coffee storage could be so sexy?

Tea-Time Glamour – Baggin’ It in Style

Tea lovers, prepare to be amazed. Salt by Sabrina’s Tea Bag Organizer is like the VIP section of your drawer. It’s got compartments for all your tea varieties, so no more digging around a messy box. Sip your tea like the royalty you are.

Loose Leaf Lovin’

For those who appreciate the finer things, the Loose Leaf Tea Keeper by Salt by Sabrina is pure elegance. It keeps your loose-leaf teas away from air and light, preserving their flavor and aroma. It’s like having a tea boutique in your kitchen!

empty drawer with organizers in it.
Photo Credit: Salt By Sabrina

Salt by Sabrina Drawer Storage: Where Function Meets Fabulous

Why choose Salt by Sabrina? Because they get it. They understand that storage isn’t just about functionality; it’s about making a statement. Their drawers are a marriage of form and function, transforming your kitchen into a chic coffee and tea paradise.

So, if you’re ready to slay your coffee and tea game, head over to Salt by Sabrina’s website and get storage as sleek as ours. You’ll find a dazzling array of drawer storage solutions that will turn your kitchen into a caffeine and tea lover’s dream come true.

cup of tea next to container with spices.

Drawer Storage For Tea

What are some space-saving tea drawer organization ideas?

When you’re dealing with a collection as fabulous as your tea assortment, you need some equally fabulous solutions. Think about investing in sleek, stackable tea tins or modular drawer organizers. 

These not only maximize space but also add a touch of glamour to your tea-time setup. And don’t forget labels – you wouldn’t want to mix up your chamomile with your chai!

Are there specific tea drawer inserts for different types of tea?

Absolutely! There are definitely inserts out there specifically designed for different types of tea – whether it’s those delicate tea bags, loose leaves, or fancy sachets. 

Look for compartments with adjustable dividers or dedicated sections for your various tea varieties. That way, you can keep your herbal infusions, green teas, and black teas all in their own special spaces. It’s like a tea party in your drawer.

How do I prevent tea bags from becoming stale when stored in a drawer?

We know you definitely don’t want those precious tea bags going stale. To keep them fresh as a daisy in your drawer, here’s a tip: opt for airtight containers or resealable bags within your organizer. 

That extra layer of protection will ensure your tea stays fragrant and flavorful. And if you’re feeling fancy, consider vacuum-sealed containers to really seal the deal. Trust us: your tea bags will thank you for keeping them in tip-top shape, and your sips will be nothing short of spectacular.

coffee beans and ground coffee in bowls on black background.


Are there coffee drawer inserts designed for different types of coffee products, like K-Cups or Nespresso pods?

There sure are! Look for dividers and compartments that are as versatile as your coffee tastes. You’ll have those single-serve cups and pods organized like they’re walking down a runway.

What are some stylish and space-saving coffee drawer organization ideas for a small kitchen?

When it comes to stylish and space-saving coffee drawer organization ideas, we’ve got you covered. For a small kitchen, the best option is to think vertically. Consider tiered drawer organizers or stylish, stackable baskets that maximize every inch. 

And don’t forget to strut your stuff with labels – they’re like the fashion accessories of organization.

How do I maintain the freshness of my coffee when storing it in a drawer?

Maintaining the freshness of your coffee in a drawer is all about playing it cool. Keep those beans away from heat and in an airtight container to lock in their flavor. 

And for an extra dose of freshness, toss in a chic little pouch of activated charcoal – it’s like the little black dress of coffee storage. Your brews will stay as bold and beautiful as you are.

airtight containers for storage.

Both Coffee and Tea

What are the best drawer storage solutions for organizing both coffee and tea supplies together?

When it comes to the best drawer storage solutions for both coffee and tea supplies, you’ve got to think versatile and fabulous. Look for organizers that can handle both your beans and your bags. 

Dividers, compartments, and adjustable sections are your BFFs here. It’s all about harmony in that drawer.

Can you recommend space-saving coffee and tea drawer organization ideas for a clutter-free kitchen?

We know no one has time for kitchen clutter. When it comes to space-saving coffee and tea drawer organization, let’s get creative. 

Think about chic, stackable containers or even clear acrylic dividers for a touch of elegance. Don’t just organize, make a gorgeous display in that drawer.

What are the best practices for keeping both coffee and tea fresh when stored in a drawer together?

Keeping both coffee and tea fresh in a drawer is an art form. We have a few ideas for keeping them both fresh and fabulous!

First and foremost, airtight storage containers are your best friends. Keep those coffee beans and tea leaves sealed up like a vault. It’ll prevent any unwanted cross-contamination of aromas and maintain their unique flavors.

You can also take it up a notch by using separate containers within the same drawer like we do. Dividers, compartments, or even individual containers for each type will have you sipping your tea and coffee like the royalty you are, without any flavor sabotage.

And let’s not forget about the fresh factor! Toss in a chic little pouch of activated charcoal – it’s as good for tea as it is for coffee. This little gem will absorb any unwanted odors and keep your coffee and tea super fresh.

Open drawer with coffee, tea, and snacks.

The Final Word On Drawer Storage

Coffee and tea storage doesn’t have to be basic – it can be as sassy as you are. With Salt by Sabrina’s incredible storage, you can brew, sip, and repeat in style. Or you can be sure to have the freshest coffee to make a chocolate coffee mug cake and tea to serve with baklava puff pastry cinnamon rolls. for Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a drawer transformation that’ll have your beans and bags handy and organized on the reg. 

Note: This post contains affiliate links. We only share items we love and appreciate you for helping support our blog and allowing us to share free content. If you’re interested in upgrading your coffee and tea game, shop Salt by Sabrina, and use code fooddolls for 10% off your order!

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