Phyllo Spinach Pie

Traditionally, Egyptian Goulash is a type of meat pie. Our twist on this dish is stuffed with the most delightful creamy spinach mixture. We are confident you are going to love our version of this authentic Egyptian staple.

Key Ingredients

phyllo dough sheets cream cheese frozen spinach shredded mozzarella cheese feta cheese crumbles butter or ghee eggs whole milk salt and pepper

Combine block of cream cheese, drained spinach (be sure to squeeze excess water very well), mozzarella and feta.


Brush melted butter onto the bottom of a 13x9 baking dish. Add a sheet of phyllo dough. Brush the phyllo dough with melted butter. Repeat.

Scoop all of the spinach pie filling onto the prepared phyllo dough. Gently spread the spinach pie mixture evenly across the top of the phyllo.

Add more layers of phyllo dough and melted butter, alternating between the two. Cut your Egyptian goulash into pieces.

Whisk milk, eggs, salt and pepper and pour it over the spinach pie. Let sit for 15-20 minutes to soak up the mixture.

Bake for 30-35 minutes. Allow to cool & serve warm.

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