Low-Carb Turkey Bell Pepper Sandwich

This Low-Carb Turkey Bell Pepper Sandwich is the perfect low-carb lunch you can whip up in minutes! Crisp bell peppers are stuffed with greens, cucumber, hummus, and turkey. Sliced in half, they’re nutritious, savory, and satisfying.

red bell pepper hummus deli turkey cucumber slices lettuce leaf everything but the bagel seasoning



Wash the red bell pepper thoroughly and cut off the top to remove the stem. Carefully remove the seeds and white membrane from the inside of the pepper to create a hollow space for the stuffing.


Spread the hummus evenly inside the hollowed red bell pepper. Layer the deli turkey slices inside the pepper on top of the hummus.


Add the thinly sliced cucumber over the turkey slices to create a refreshing crunch. Place the lettuce leaf on top of the cucumber slices to add some extra greens and texture.


Sprinkle the “everything but the bagel” seasoning over the stuffing to enhance the flavors and provide a tasty and crunchy finish.


Once all the ingredients are layered inside the pepper, press down gently to secure the stuffing. With a sharp knife, carefully slice the stuffed red bell pepper down the middle, creating two halves.

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