SunButter Ice Cream Sandwich Cake


3-4 Ice cream sandwiches

1 pint vanilla ice cream*

1 pint chocolate ice cream*

1/2 cup SunButter, melted

1 cup crushed sandwich cookies, divided

16 oz whipped topping, softened


In a silicone loaf pan or a wax paper lined loaf pan add one scoop or each flavor ice cream and spread to cover the bottom. Drizzle with half the SunButter, and half of the crushed sandwich cookies. Press in the ice cream sandwiches, if needed cut to fit the pan. Repeat another layer of SunButter, cookies, and end with the ice cream. Freeze overnight. Invert on a plate and spread the whipped topping and crushed cookies.

*Tip- Add whatever flavor ice cream you like, and whatever candy you prefer!


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